Week 1 Challenge (Continued)

I found that at first glance, none of the titles, themes or opening lines that I came up with inspired me.  For some reason, another title popped into my head "In A Perfect World" (which I'm going to swap with…


S.A.C. Songwriting and Blogging Challenge - Week 1

This week's challenge has a couple of parts.  The first is to identify 3 song titles, 3 themes and 3 opening lines that strike me as interesting for existing songs.  The second part is to come up with 5 titles…


Positive Music Imperative (PMI)

A wonderful friend of mine, Heather Hill, invited me to be a part of the project Positive Music Imperative.

Part of the project involves a series of compilation albums, with different themes.  I've been fortunate to have contributed to two…